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Entaijiso is a Ryokan, or a hotel, designed in Japanese Inn style. Entaijiso is in Kurobe Unazuki area in Japan, known for their high quality Onsen(hot spring water). It has been loved by well-known writers and men of culture in Japan such as Yumeji Takehisa, Akiko Yosano and Yasunari Kawabata who is a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1:Arrival Lounge (Entrance hall and Lobby)

Welcome to Entaijiso. There is an entrance hall that can be seen a beautiful scenery of Kurobe gorge and Kurobe river.

2:Rooms Rantei Kikutei Umetei Taketei Rantei

At Entaijiso there are the rooms of several types, traditional Japanese style. You can choose the rooms for your plan.

3:Onsen (Hot Springs) Roten-buro : The open-air bathroom Roten-buro : The open-air bathroom a large indoor bathing room a large indoor bathing room

Unazuki Onsen is known for their high quality Onsen. Entaijiso also offers excellent and 100% pure Onsen in Unazuki Onsen area. You can experience the ultimate relaxation.

4:Dining (Japanese Cuisine) DiningDining Dining

At Entaijiso, your dinner and breakfast are included in the rates. The menu selections for your dinner menu are prearranged for you. You can enjoy a truly traditional Japanese Inn (Ryokan) style of dining. We serve kaiseki ryouri of seafoods from Toyama Bay and foods in season from local areas, changing its menu each seasons.

5:After Dining Onsen (Hot Springs) Facilities Facilities Facilities

We provide several services and facilities that you will enjoy after dining. Both men's and women's big baths are open 24 hours a day. We have Japanese style Karaoke bar called 「Shinkirou」that is also available from the evening. You can walk around the Unazuki-Onsen area wearing Yukata.

6:Breakfast&Departure Lounge (Entrance hall and Lobby) Facilities

At Entaijiso, we serve breakfast in buffet style in a spacious dining hall with seeing a beautiful scenery. Our Souvenir shop carries a great variety of Kurobe Toyama's local confectionery, specialties, and souvenirs. Checkout time : 10:00AM



There are 82 rooms.
Most of guest rooms have a private bathroom and a toilet room.
Check In 3:00 PM (15:00)
Check Out 10:00 AM
Single Guest Non-accepted.

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